About us

We are design and fashion business based out in Singapore since 2020,started by a group of fashion and technology lovers, coming from different parts of the world.

As we all know the world of technology is constantly moving and changing, but with that change comes a new set of challenges. At ZIVRRI we Constantly explore innovative products  that can  make or customers life easier!

We believe in designing and developing products that create a better life for every individual. We are always on the search for new ideas and concepts that will support this vision by exploring these innovations, we not only satisfy the needs of our consumers but also save them time and money.

Apple watch cases is one of those ideas wherein we had a chance to collaborate with APPELLA Zeneva.

Appella belongs to the elite category of the Swiss watch manufacturers who produce solid gold, diamond and high-end mechanical watches. Appella was born in 1943 at Porrentruy, Switzerland.

The brand is registered in over 70 countries worldwide and Appella successfully blends forward-looking styles with quality features, resulting in the most fashionable timepieces that are both elegant and practical. It has an extensive global distribution network spanning over 35 countries.

Montres Appella Sàrl
Av. de la Praille 26
CH - 1227 Carouge
Phone : +41 22 311 03 44

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